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Welcome to Tamilandu Electricity Board Engineers' Association




BOAB-Pension-Treatment of DA as Dearness Pay for the purpose of pension to those retired between 01.06.1988 to 31.12.1995-Instructions issued vide Circular Lr. No. 044448/515 dt. 30.08.2014


Income Tax-Certain amendments made to the Act through Finance Bill 2014-Rates of Income Tax to be deducted at source from Salaries during the Financial year 2014-15-Communicated vide CFC/Gl's Circular Letter dt. 01.09.2014


TANGEDCO-Vigilance Cell-Establishment-Indulging Criminal Activities to spoil the image of the Corporation by certain compulsory retired/Voluntary Retired Officers/Staff-Instructions issued vide Circular Memo. No. 018078 dt. 30.08.2014


Executive Engineers/Electrical Promotion & Posting Orders issued vide (Per) CMD T.P No.242 dt.03.09.2014


Executive Engineers/Electrical Transfers, Modifications & Posting Orders issued vide Memo. No. 47345 dt.03.09.2014
04.09.2014 Release of Additional Installment of Dearness Allowance to the Central Government Employees and Dearness Relief to Pensioners due from 01.07.2014

Engagement of Engineering Graduates as Apprentices in TANGEDCO/TANTRANSCO for the year 2014-15 (1000 Graduate Engineers)-Approval accorded vide (Routine) CMD Proceedings No.62 (Tech. Br.) dt. 02.09.2014

05.09.2014 List of Assistant Executive Engineers/Electrical- Suitable for Promotion to the post of Executive Engineers/Electrical in Class I Service- PARs - Called for 
08.09.2014 Executive Engineers/Civil Transfer, Modification & Posting Orders issued vide Memo. No. 55770 dt.08.09.2014
10.09.2014 Executive Engineer/Civil Modification & Posting Orders issued vide Memo. No. 76301 dt.10.09.2014
11.09.2014 TANGEDCO-TNCSC-Purchase of 90 Lakhs pieces Fan/Induction stove,Mixie & Grinder for distribution by the GoTN-Deputation of Technical Officials-Requested vide Lr. dt.11.09.2014
11.09.2014 TANGEDCO-Estt-Class II Service-Assistant Executive Engineers/Mechanical- Suitable for Promotion to the post of Executive Engineers/Mechanical in Class I Service- PARs Pending- Called for vide Lr. No. 075214/113 dt. 11.09.2014
12.09.2014 Superintending Engineer/Mechanical Modification & Posting Orders issued vide (Rt.) CMD T.P No. 52 dt.12.09.2014
12.09.2014 Superintending Engineer/Civil Transfer, Modification & Posting Orders issued vide (Rt.) CMD T.P No. 53 & 54 dt.12.09.2014
12.09.2014 Pension-Contributory Pension Scheme-Allotment of CPS numbers to the existing employees/newly joined employees-further instructions issued vide Lr. No.63734 dt. 11.09.2014
15.09.2014 TANTRANSCO-Transmission-Procurement of Substation equipments/ Materials-Delegation of Powers to Chief Engineers/Distribution for a period of six months-Approval accorded vide (Per) CH. T.P No. 166 (Tech. Br.) dt. 15.09.2014



16.09.2014 Superintending Engineers/Mechanical Deemed Promotion, Promotion & Posting Orders issued vide (Per.) CMD T.P No. 249 & 250 dt.16.09.2014
17.09.2014 Holiday-Public Holiday to the poll for the casual elections to the local bodies Election 2014-Holiday to the employees of TANGEDCO-Orders issued vide (Per) CMD T.P No.251 dt. 17.09.2014
19.09.2014 Superintending Engineer/Mechanical-Deemed Promotion-further Orders issued vide Memo. No. 60568 dt.17.09.2014
19.09.2014 Superintending Engineers/Electrical Transfer cancellation, Modification & Posting Orders issued vide (Rt.) CMD T.P No. 55 & 56 dt.19.09.2014
20.09.2014 Executive Engineers/Electrical Transfer & Posting Orders issued vide Memo. No. 77970 dt.18.09.2014
20.09.2014 TANGEDCO-Awards-Recommendations of Ashoka Chakra Series of Gallantry Awards to be announced by Government of India on Republic day, 2015-Nominations Called for vide Letter No. 78161/19.09.2014
23.09.2014 Public Notice for Proposed Tariff Revision for the Financial Year 2014-15-TANGEDCO issued by TNERC